2018-19 Sailing Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sun. 9 Toni Deutsch Trophy Final 1st of 13
  vs. Harry Anderson Trophy @ Yale University Final 3rd of 16
  vs. Pine Trophy @ Coast Guard Final 7th of 7
  vs. Tufts University Invitational @ Tufts University Final 3rd, 5th of 9
Sun. 16 Hatch Brown Trophy Final 6th, 16th of 17
  vs. Regis Trophy @ Harvard University Final 8th of 16
Sun. 23 vs. Hoyt Trophy @ Brown University Final 7th of 18
  vs. Hood Trophy @ Tufts University Final 9th of 11
  vs. Mrs. Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth College Final 3rd of 16
  vs. Harvard Invitational @ Harvard University Final 3rd of 9
Sun. 30 Smith Trophy Final 15th of 20
  vs. Women's Showcase @ St. Mary's College of Maryland Final 2nd of 17
  vs. Danmark Trophy @ Coast Guard Final 6th of 20
  vs. Moody Trophy @ University of Rhode Island Final 11th of 18
Sun. 7 Coed Showcase Final 3rd of 18
  vs. Stu Nelson Trophy @ Connecticut College Final 7th of 13
Sun. 14 New England Match Race Championship Final 7th of 8
  vs. Women's Showcase Finals @ Brown University Final 3rd of 18
  vs. Women's Showcase B Finals @ Boston University Final 2nd of 18
  vs. Captain Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth College Final 15th of 17
Sun. 21 vs. Coed Showcase Finals @ St. Mary's College of Maryland Final 5th of 18
  vs. Yale Women's Trophy @ Yale University Final 7th of 14
  vs. Oberg Trophy @ Northeastern University Final 13th of 20
Sun. 28 vs. Schell Trophy @ Dartmouth College Final 10th of 18
  vs. Victorian Coffee Urn @ Bowdoin College Final 4th of 16
  vs. Nickerson Trophy @ Tufts University Final 8th of 17
Bold: Home event