Indran Ratnathicam
Indran Ratnathicam
Title: Leadership/Alumni Relations
Year: 21st at MIT
Previous College: MIT '98

Indran "Indy" Ratnathicam has served on the MIT coaching staff for the past 20 seasons. He focuses primarily on alumni relations and leadership development in addition to practice and game preparation, on-the-floor coaching, player development, and recruiting. Prior to becoming a coach, Indran was a four-year player on the MIT basketball team, where he was co-captain of the 1997-98 campaign that finished 18-7 under Head Coach Larry Anderson.

Indy graduated from MIT in 1998, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  Since "leaving" MIT, he has pursued a full-time career in technology and business, and is currently Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at FirstFuel Software, an energy software start-up in Lexington, MA.  Prior to this, Indy's non-basketball has included roles at the global consultancy, The Boston Consulting Group, and other startup and venture capital firms.

Indy is originally from Vancouver, Wash.