Anderson Named as MIT ADID and Chair of DAPER Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Headshot of Larry Anderson on the left side, with a photo of the men's basketball team in a huddle on the right side.

Cambridge, Mass. (August 28) -- MIT men's basketball head coach/associate professor Larry Anderson has been named as the MIT athletics diversity and inclusion designee (ADID), as announced by Dr. G. Anthony Grant, MIT Director of Athletics/DAPER Department Head. In this role, Anderson will be the point of communication between the NCAA National Office, the MIT athletic department and the campus when information around inclusive programs, emerging diversity issues and other related initiatives need to be shared.

In addition, Anderson will serve as the chair of the newly-recreated Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee within the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER).

"As the ADID and chair of the newly-formed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, Larry will play an integral role in critically assessing our policies, procedures and culture within the department, which will lead to the further development and implementation of our DEI action plan," said Dr. Grant. "In addition to Larry's responsibilities as our head men's basketball coach, he also serves as a member of the DAPER senior leadership team, has developed valuable relationships across campus, and has dedicated himself to advocating for equity and social justice within the department and throughout the broader MIT community. I am excited to be working with Larry and the other members of the DEI committee to ensure a more diverse and inclusive environment for our students, coaches and staff."

ADID's may be appointed by the university president, chancellor or athletics commissioner (or a proxy), and many will have direct or strong ties to athletics. Information that is channeled may include, but is not limited to, NCAA diversity updates, research/data reports, programming information as it relates to diversity and pertinent information from the NCAA national office. ADID's also may be asked to share their suggested best practices on diversity and inclusion initiatives or any inclusive topics they think would be of interest to the broader Association.

On campuses, the individual can be inside or outside the athletics department but should be an employee of the school and have access to student-athletes, coaches and administrators, whether in person or by other communications means. 

"It's an honor to serve in this role," said Anderson. "This appointment couldn't have come at a more critical juncture where we have an opportunity to take steps toward becoming the change we wish to see. It's important that we are strategic in our work in that we are inclusive, which has been the strength of MIT and DAPER. We pursue excellence in many areas at the 'Tute and it will be extremely satisfying to further pursue that same kind of excellence in people, which is the most important."

Within DAPER, Anderson's role as the chair of the department's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is an important one as well as this newly-formed group begins operationalizing the DAPER DEI statement across the department. 

In the DEI committee, the group will evaluate and assess the culture of DEI within the department, with the goal of facilitating an equitable and inclusive environment for all faculty, staff, student-athletes and students within DAPER. They will also critically review current operational practices and systems surrounding DEI, as well as enhance cultural competency and shared language amongst students and staff by providing on-going growth, development, education and training for staff and students.

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