FAQ’s for Parents of Varsity Student-Athletes

FAQ’s for Parents of Varsity Student-Athletes

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by parents of MIT student-athletes. Do’s and Don’ts regarding NCAA rules compliance for parents, alumni, and boosters can be found here.

NOTE: For Covid-19-related information and questions, please visit our comprehensive Covid-19 Resources Page.

1.  I read somewhere that varsity athletes are required to have a current physical examination in order to compete. What is the best time of year to schedule an appointment for an updated physical?

• MIT medical requires a Student Medical Report Form to be submitted by July 24.
• Athletics advises that first-year participants submit the Student Medical Report Form no later that July 15, so that MIT Medical and the Certified Athletic Trainers can approve the form as quickly as possible.
• Per NCAA rules, varsity student-athletes must have an updated physical within six months of the first day of participation for their respective sport.
• Upperclassmen are not required to have a new physical in subsequent years.

2.  I've heard there are other forms, including the Sickle Cell Waiver Form that I need to complete. Where can I find these and when are they due?

Many other MIT and NCAA forms, including the Sickle Cell Waiver Form, will be issued to student-athletes over the summer. These electronic forms will be available in July and are due August 1. When forms are available, a notification will be sent to the student-athlete's MIT email address. If you have any additional questions related to eligibility and compliance, please send an email message to eligibility@mit.edu.

For the Sickle Cell Trait waiver form specifically, the doctor/primary care provider does not need to sign the actual waiver form. The student-athlete can complete this form, or the parent/guardian can sign if the student-athlete is under 18. If the student-athlete is Sickle Cell Trait positive, then we would require documentation including the blood test results stating they are positive for Sickle Cell Trait be attached to the student-athlete's pre-participation physical exam/MIT Medical Report Form.

3a. What are the expectations for health insurance coverage for varsity sports participants?

All MIT students must have insurance coverage before commencing and while participating in any strength & conditioning session, practice, competition, and/or team travel that is supervised by approved MIT coaching staff and approved by the Director of Athletics, according to NCAA regulations. Coverage must meet the requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (956 CMR 8.00) and United States Department of State (22 CFR § 62.14) (International students only). For more information regarding the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, which meets these guidelines visit: http://medweb.mit.edu/healthplans/student.

The primary medical/health insurance coverage shall include a provision for sports injury/illness related medical care with a limit of at least $90,000. In addition, if the primary medical/health insurance coverage lapses, or if there is a material change in to existing coverage, MIT Health Plan Office as well as DAPER’s Sports Medicine Department should be notified. Participants should discontinue participation in varsity sports until they procure an acceptable level of coverage (see above).

3b. Does MIT reimburse for any medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury or illness sustained to a student-athlete in a varsity athletic activity?

Since participation in varsity sports program(s) is voluntary, MIT shall NOT be responsible for any medical and/or dental bills, including deductibles, not covered by the primary medical/health insurance policy. Coverage or reimbursement for costs associated with hospital emergency room visits, off-campus provider/specialist office visits, off-campus hospitalization, and other health care services (e.g. lab tests, imaging, bracing, orthotics, physical therapy), even when referred by the Sports Health Care Team*, MIT Medical Providers, or others (e.g. coach and non-MIT health care providers), shall be determined solely by the primary medical/health insurance policy.

* The Sports Health Care Team includes health care providers from MIT Medical as well as the staff of Certified Athletic Trainers from the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation.

4.  How early can varsity athletes check in to their dorms on the morning of their approved check-in day?

Students will be able to check in starting at 9 a.m. on the morning of their approved check-in day. You may not arrive any earlier than your approved check-in day.

5.  When varsity athletes arrive early for pre-season training, will they move into their permanent residence hall or will they be expected to move at the end of pre-season training?

It depends on individual circumstances. Returning upperclassmen will not be asked to move. Freshmen may move depending upon their "confirmation of housing assignment." For further information, please click on the following link: https://studentlife.mit.edu/housing/first-year.

6.  Should early returning varsity athletes bring all of their belongings for a single move or should we plan on having two move-in dates?

It is recommended that early returning student-athletes pack lightly and are prepared for pre-season training. Additional items can be shipped to campus and/or dropped off by parents after September 1.

7.  Is there air conditioning in the residence halls?

New House and Senior House have air conditioning.

8.  Will the dining halls be open and offering service during the Fall preseason and Winter training periods?

Dining halls at MIT are open when classes are in session. In the Fall they are typically open from the first week of September through about the third week of December. In the Winter/Spring they are typically open from about the first week of February through the end of May.

9.  Will there be any fall preseason meals provided?

Early returning fall varsity student-athletes will have access to a predetermined dining hall for lunch and dinner only when they report to campus for pre-season training.

10.  Do undergraduate students have access to on campus parking?

Yes, please click on the following link for information related to parking: http://web.mit.edu/facilities/transportation/parking/student/index.html.

11.  Can any incoming student tryout for a varsity athletic team?

Generally, the answer is yes; however, tryout opportunities vary by team. We recommend prospective MIT student-athletes who have not had contact with the coach contact the head coach directly for team specific information. Head coach contact information is available at http://www.mitathletics.com/information/directory/index.

12.  How can I find information about hotels in the Cambridge area?

There are many hotels and a variety of accommodations in the Cambridge/Boston area. Please click on the following link to access additional information: http://institute-events.mit.edu/visit/where-to-stay.

13.  Are varsity athletic team schedules available online?

Absolutely, please go to www.mitathletics.com to access sport specific MIT varsity team schedules. (August 1 for our fall sport program, winter and spring sports will follow as the academic year begins)

14.  How can I follow the teams if I do not live in the Boston area?

Most of our sports have webcasting and live stats available. Links for these services are posted on www.mitathletics.com. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

15.  Can I invite an MIT team to my house for a meal, or can I pay for a team meal on the road or after a home contest?

Yes, if you are interested in providing a meal for an MIT team, we recommend you contact the Head Coach directly to discuss opportunities and details.

16.   If I am interested in supporting a varsity team by making a financial donation, what should I do?

If you are interested in making a financial donation, go to https://giving.mit.edu/givenow/browse-designations.dyn?categoryId=DA for additional information. You will be able to scroll through the giving website and find a specific team or fund.

17.  Will I be contacted if my son or daughter is sick or injured?

In recognition of your role as parent/guardian; as well as recognition of the decision-making controls related to personal information sharing afforded to your adult-child under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), please know that we will defer to and include your child in any exchange of information with you; particularly as it relates to personal health information.  

Consistent with MIT expectations, we support the practice of; (1) Confidentially communicating with students about academic, personal, and team-related matters and (2) encouraging students to share relevant information with their parent/guardian. Whenever possible, we shall wait until your child speaks with you directly, or until the they give explicit consent for us to do so. In the instance where personal health information is involved, we shall work to arrange a three-way conversation that includes your child.  

In certain circumstances, and in a manner consistent with MIT expectations, DAPER's Department Head may decide that contacting you is in the best interest of your child and/or the MIT community.  

If you are curious to know more about our activity and our service modifications during the COVID-19 pandemic, please view an outline of the key aspects of our planning here.

18.   Does MIT provide varsity athletic gear and equipment to team members?

Yes, varsity student-athletes receive basic gear and equipment to support their participation during the competitive season.

All varsity student-athletes engage in a highly-organized gear and equipment distribution and return process. Each team meets with the MIT Equipment Room Manager to review and discuss the policies, procedures and responsibilities associated with accepting gear and equipment provided by MIT. Each team member signs an individual contract that specifically outlines items and tracking numbers distributed to them. By signing the contract each individual student-athlete agrees to accept responsibility for the items assigned to them until those items are appropriately returned at the end of the competitive season. Failure to return distributed gear and equipment in accordance with the guidelines and timelines outlined on the contract may result in a financial penalty.

Many varsity student-athletes are given the opportunity to purchase "player packages" at their own expense. Player packages are available to student-athletes who are interested in purchasing and owning gear that does not have to be returned. Varsity student-athletes are not required to purchase player packages in order to compete on MIT varsity athletic teams.

19.  If you have any additional questions related to the Department of Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) or MIT varsity athletics, please contact Barb Bolich, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, at bbolich@mit.edu, or access our staff directory at http://www.mitathletics.com/information/directory/index.