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DAPER’s Shared Purpose, Values and Behaviors

DAPER’s shared purpose is to bring the MIT community together in educational activities that promote wellness, a diverse and inclusive environment, leadership, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence through competition, physical activity and recreation.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence by creating an environment that develops community, provides education, inspires leadership and promotes wellness through the following shared behaviors:

DAPER develops community by embracing the uniqueness of each person, working cooperatively and providing courtesy, respect, and gratitude in all directions.

Community Shared Behaviors:

  • We create an open, welcoming environment for the MIT community.
  • We are team players who contribute diverse, inclusive and professional ideas to the department.
  • We are purposeful with our interactions across the department - embracing inclusivity, respect, and gratitude towards all members of the department for their unique contributions to our MIT community.

DAPER provides education that instills an appreciation for lifelong learning through the development of knowledge, skills, abilities, social and emotional growth, responsibility, and sportspersonship.

Education Shared Behaviors:

  • We value personal and professional growth, seeking collaborative learning opportunities with our colleagues and students.
  • We apply a growth mindset to the challenges and opportunities that we encounter and recognize failure as part of the pathway to excellence. (NOTE: and/or own our mistakes)
  • We work to advance our field by exploring new or innovative solutions to problems we encounter.
  • We believe that a diverse, respectful, and fair community promotes a more effective learning environment and allows us to share our passions in a collaborative and effective way.

DAPER inspires leadership by demonstrating vision, knowledge, integrity, loyalty, pride, passion and service through the delivery of quality programs and opportunities.

Leadership Shared Behaviors:

  • We develop leadership skills by seeking opportunities for internal and external organizational involvement.
  • We communicate diverse, inclusive, and professional ideas in a constructive manner, engage in healthy discussions, and respectfully explore our differences.
  • We lead collaboratively, welcoming feedback from both managers and those we manage.
  • We hold ourselves responsible to each other and our community to set a high standard for excellence as a motivated and innovative department.

DAPER promotes wellness by fostering an environment that values and practices healthy lifestyles, and encourages personal growth and enjoyment, through physical and social activities.

Wellness Shared Behaviors:

  • We encourage mindfulness, positive relationships and provide inclusive opportunities to engage in healthy and active lifestyles.
  • We support healthy work-life integration by encouraging our colleagues to set appropriate boundaries while holding each other accountable to our shared values with an empathetic lens.