The D A P E R logo with the text Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion stacked to the right

DAPER Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Serving as the anchor of our Shared Purpose, DAPER is devoted to cultivating a sense of belonging within the MIT community. We will accomplish it by fostering a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and provides equitable opportunities for all.

Diversity is the visible and invisible differences within a group of individuals. Welcoming the presence of diversity deepens our sense of humanity and strengthens our community.

Equity deconstructs systemic barriers and identifies privilege. Equity provides appropriate resources and support through policies, practices and systems to equalize access to opportunities.

Inclusion recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Inclusion respects the different ideas and needs for everyone to feel valued and affirmed.


Diversity + Equity + Inclusion = Belonging


A venn diagram with circles titled "Diversity", "Equity" and "Inclusion" intersecting within a circle that has the text "Belonging"