Our goal in the Varsity Equipment Room is to service coaches and athletes at a high level. At the conclusion of each school year, we review the student-athlete evaluations of our department and take them into consideration when reviewing our policies and procedures for the following year.

The Manager of Varsity Equipment Operations s responsible for the administration and overall operations of this unit with main responsibilities being vendor contracts, purchasing/budget, billing, inventory and management of the staff. The Varsity Equipment Staff’s primary focus is the team’s daily needs such as equipment repair, game uniform set-up, laundry and inventory.

Equipment Room Contact Information

Johnson Main Line:                             617-452-2250


Director of Varsity Equipment Room Operations Erica Scoppettuolo
Varsity Equipment Specialist Cameron Lett
Assistant Varsity Equipment Specialist Nick Perron


Johnson Equipment Desk Hours

Monday-Friday :               3:00 pm     7:00 pm                                                          

Saturday:                             9:00 am      5:00 pm        


DuPont Equipment Desk Hours
  • Only specified teams will have their equipment issued and returned at the DuPont Desk. Service hours are not available at the DuPont Desk.


Student-Athlete responsibilities include
  1. Attendance at team specific contract meeting and gear distribution/return dates. 
  2. Provide contact information and MIT ID number at contract meeting.
  3. Read and confirm accuracy of the SA Equipment Contract with your initials for each item as well as a signature at the bottom.
  4. Understand that all issued gear is the property of MIT.
  5. Failure to return issued gear will result in a fine. Offending SA’s will be billed two times the value of each item not returned within 5 days of the team's scheduled return (regardless of condition). 
  6. Excluded return items include: socks, greys, swimwear, hats and mouthguards.
  7. If a SA departs the team prior to the end of the season for any reason, it is the SA’s responsibility to return issued gear within 5 days of the deactivation date. If issued gear is not returned within 5 days of deactivation then the billing process will be initiated.   
  8. Each SA is responsible for retrieving and returning gear issued to him/her only.
  9. Issued gear must be returned directly to the MVEO. Do not leave gear unsecured at the equipment room door, in a team room, at the front desk, with a teammate etc. 

10.  Contact MVEO for any billing questions or concerns related to your equipment contract. 


Equipment Issuing/Return

Each team is required to attend a Varsity Equipment Informational Session. During this meeting each student-athlete (SA) will complete a Student-Athlete Equipment contract that outlines gear distribution, return and billing policies.  A follow-up day and time will be scheduled for distribution of issued gear


Team Locker Rooms

All athletes with a team locker room will be assigned a locker, lock (optional) and loop on the scheduled sports specific distribution day. It is the responsibility of the team to maintain the cleanliness of the locker room while in use. No food or drink are allowed in the locker rooms.

If a coach receives notice that the team has failed to maintain the assigned locker room space in an acceptable manner then that will be the team’s ONE AND ONLY warning. If a second notice is issued to the coach regarding the same problem then the team’s laundry service will be discontinued until further notice.

Teams may only access assigned locker room space while participating in the competitive season. Varsity teams are expected to vacate assigned locker room space at the time of the scheduled gear return. Items that are left in the team room after the scheduled return will be bagged up and sent to the coach to store until the student athlete retrieves them.



Fitness Center and Sports Medicine towels are not the responsibility of the Varsity Equipment Room. Varsity Athletics towels are beige, Sports Medicine are yellow and Fitness Center towels are white. Return the correct color towel to its proper area after use.

Beige towels may be taken to away contests but athletes must return them to the red bin following the contest. The equipment room staff will not replace lost or unreturned towels. See your VEM for extra towels for contest management.


MIT Varsity Athletics is sponsored by:



This sponsorship comes with strict guidelines that must be followed by coaches, athletes and staff at all times.   As outlined in the contract, this is an agreement with DAPER and the Adidas Brand with our primary vendor as Champions Choice Inc. As a representative of the Varsity Athletics Program you will be expected and encouraged to adhere to the guidelines of the contract as follows:

“MIT shall be held responsible to advise each team (including coaches, athletic staff and players) to use or wear Adidas products if purchased by the school whenever the school’s athletic teams or coaches are:

  • Traveling to or playing games
  • Being filmed by motion picture or video tape
  • Posing for photographs
  • Conducting or participating in MIT camps, or clinics
  • Recruiting
  • Engaged in athletic activities where such attire is appropriate. MIT further agrees that it will prohibit players, coaches or staff from altering the Adidas logo in any way.”


If a team is interested in purchasing apparel:  Adidas representative: Kristie Crampton-Cavanaugh - 978-203-4008

Player packages ordered through Champions Choice will be delivered to the Varsity Equipment Room.  When the items arrive the coach will be contacted and expected to retrieve the items to distribute to the student-athletes.