Perform Better - Special Offer!

Offer Open to the Entire MIT Community!

The Perform Better equipment package includes the essentials for safe and effective at home training. It includes a variety of resistance bands, a foam roller and a jump rope. These items will assist in maximizing the effectiveness of bodyweight training while we continue to adhere to social distancing and train from home. Perform Better is offering this package for $59.45 including shipping, which is nearly 40 percent off their regular pricing.

What's included:

First Place Super Band (1/4") x2

First Place Super Band (1/2") x1

First Place Super Band (1") x1

PB Foam Roller (18") x1

First Place Lightning Rope x1

First Place Mini-Band Medium (Green) x1

First Place Mini-Band Heavy (Blue) x1

To order, contact Gerard Griffey by email at or call at 1-800-556-7464 Ext. 124. You will need to provide him with the information below: 

1. Quote #: Q74209
2. Your shipping address
3. Credit card information