The Admiral Edward L. Cochrane Award

To the Male Senior who has Shown the Highest Qualities of Humility, Leadership and Inspiration in Intercollegiate Athletics

2020 Christien Williams, Basketball
2019 Riley Quinn, Football
2018 Mitch Turley, Lacrosse and Football
2017 Harris Stolzenberg, Lacrosse
2016 Alex Lednev, Swimming and Diving
Kale Rogers, Water Polo 
2015 Peter Williams, Football
2014 Justin Bullock, Cross Country and Track and Field
2013 Stephen Freiberg, Lightweight Crew
2012 Dan McCue, Basketball
2011 Eric Zuk, Basketball and Lacrosse
2010  Garth Grove, Football and Lacrosse
Rastislav Racz, Swimming and Diving 
2009 Peter Wellings, Swimming and Diving
2008 Mark Spadafora, Lacrosse and Football
2007 Kevin Amendt, Water Polo
2006 Mark Liao, Water Polo and Swimming and Diving
2005 Nate Ball, Track and Field
2004 Brian Anderson, Track and Field
2003 Alex Karnal, Football
2002 Yuval Mazor, Cross Country and Track and Field
2001 Edward A. Keehr, Cross Country and Track and Field
2000 Alan A. Sun, Sailing
1999 Ravi V. Sastri, Track and Field
1998 Joseph B. Irineo, Lightweight Crew
1997 Robert A. Cooper, Gymnastics
1996 J. Christopher Brown, Football
1995 Andrew P. Phelps, Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse
1994 Nicholas J. Pearce, Ice Hockey
1993 Manish H. Bhatia, Tennis
1992 Matthew D. Long, Wrestling
1991 David R. Tomlinson, Basketball
1990 Shane R. LaHousse, Football
1989 Scott E. Schwartz
1988 G. Sean Garrett, Track and Field
1987 Thomas R. Hoffman
1986 Daniel Lin, Track and Field
1985 Michael J. Ambrogi, Football and Lacrosse
Ronald E. Smith, Cross Country and Track
1984 John M. Taylor, Track and Field
1983 John D. Busa, Soccer
1982 Jeffrey C. Lukas, Cross Country and Track
1981 Adam Sapirstein, Lacrosse
1980 Timothy J. McManus, Cross Country and Track
1979 Bruce J. Wrobel, Football and Wrestling
1978 Helen E. Miyasaki, Women's Gymnastics
1977 John A. Cavolowsky, Baseball, Basketball, Track
1976 Campbell M. Lange, Basketball
1975 George H. Braun, Lacrosse and Track
1974 Edward J. Hanley, Jr., Wrestling
1973 Richard A. Charpie, Baseball
1972 Kenneth R. Weisshaar, Baseball
1971 John M. Malarkey, Lightweight Crew
1970 Richard C. Hood, Gymnastics
1969 George A. Hustak, Lacrosse
James R. Yankaskas, Cross Country and Track
1968 Kenneth F. Wong, Squash
1967 Robert M. Hardy, Basketball
1966 Keith D. Stolzenbach, Heavyweight Crew
1965 William R. Brody, Swimming
1964 Michael R. Williams, Wrestling
1963 Robert E. Vernon, Lightweight Crew
1962 Dirk Berghager, Soccer
1961 David W. Latham, Wrestling

 Other Awards 
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