The Howard W. Johnson Award

Male Senior Athlete of the Year

2020 Bouke Edskes, Swimming and Diving
2019 AJ Jurko, Basketball
2018 Ty Ingram, Coed Sailing
2017 Harris Stolzenberg, Lacrosse
2016 Sean Bingham, Soccer
2015 Justin Wallace, Football
2014 Michael Liao, Swimming and Diving
2013 Wyatt Ubellacker, Swimming and Diving
2012 Columbus Leonard, Water Polo
2011 Toomas Sepp, Swimming and Diving
2010 Luke Cummings, Swimming and Diving 
2009 Jimmy Bartolotta, Basketball
2008 Praveen Pamidimukkala, Volleyball
2007 Craig Edwards, Swimming and Diving
2006 Mike D'Auria, Basketball
2005 Ben Schmeckpeper, Cross Country and Track
2004 Nick Nestle, Soccer
2003 Damian Engen, Gymnastics
2002 Sean Montgomery, Cross Country and Track
2001 Stefan K. Bewley, Water Polo and Swimming
2000 Eric L. Chen, Tennis
1999 Joel Morales, Baseball
1998 Michael T. Butville, Football, Track and Field, Lacrosse
1997 Andres J. Villaquiran, Soccer
1996 John L. Wallberg, Track and Field
1995 Ethan A. Crain, Cross Country and Track
1994 Matthew H. Robinson, Football and Track and Field
1993 Alan D.J. Walpole, Tennis
1992 Thomas A. Washington, Track and Field
1991 Mark W. Dunzo, Track and Field
  Award prior to 1991 known as Class of 1948 Award
1990 William E. Singhose, Track and Field
1989 Scott E. Deering, Track and Field
1988 Peter J. Gasparini, Football and Ice Hockey
1987 Michael P. McElroy, Basketball
1986 Craig N. Poole, Basketball and Baseball
1985 Patrice M. Parris, Track and Field
1984 Robert W. Schoelein, Swimming and Diving
1983 Mark Branch II, Basketball
1982 Thomas A. Fawcett, Football, Wrestling and
1981 Robert G. Clarke, Basketball and Lacrosse
1980 George Gonzalez-Rivas, Fencing
1979 Preston L. Vorlicek, Water Polo and Swimming
1978 Mark J.T. Smith, Fencing
1977 Frank C. Richardson, Cross Country and Track
1976 Gregory L. Hunter, Soccer and Track and Field
1975 Jack D. Mosinger, Wrestling
1974 William D. Young, Tennis and Squash
1973 David R. Wilson, Track and Field
1972 Alan F. Dopfel, Baseball
1971 Bruce C. Wheeler, Basketball and Baseball
1970 Robert J. McKinley, Tennis
1969 Jeffrey M. Weissman, Soccer and Baseball
1968 David G. Jansson, Basketball
1967 David N. Schramm, Wrestling
1966 W. Sumner Brown, Cross Country and Track
1965 Robert B. Grady, Basketball
1964 John T. Moter, Tennis
1963 Hans B. Aasnaes, Tennis and Skiing
1962 Charles W. Gamble, Basketball and Golf
1961 Joseph R. Skenderian, Soccer and Lacrosse
1960 George L. Kirk, Ice Hockey and Sailing
1959 Paul H. Ekberg, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse
1958 Huber R. Warner, Soccer and Lacrosse
1957 L. Peter Hohorst, Soccer and Basketball
1956 John A. Morefield, Track and Field
1955 Lawrence J. Berman, Cross Country and Track
1954 Joseph P. Bova, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse
1953 Howard E. Munro, Swimming and Diving
1952 Charles G. Vickers, Cross Country and Track
1951 Herbert Voelcker, Jr., Rifle
1950 John H. McMillan, Basketball and Baseball
1949 Theodore R. Madden, Ice Hockey
1948 John M. Clifford, Ice Hockey

Other Awards  
  Schumacker  Kispert  Cochrane

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