The Varsity Club Award

To the Outstanding Male/Female Freshmen Athletes of the Year

2020 Kristen Palmer, Fencing
Kenneth Wei, Track and Field
2019 Eva Then, Lacrosse
Laura Rosado, Swimming and Diving
Jay Lang, Swimming and Diving
2018 Andie Maloney, Volleyball
Hamilton Forsythe, Basketball
2017 Devon Goetz, Field Hockey and Softball
Bouke Edskes, Swimming and Diving
2016 Kara Holinski, Basketball
Bailey Tregoning, Field Hockey and Track and Field
Adis Ojeda, Football 
2015 Amanda Wu, Swimming and Diving
Austin Filiere, Baseball 
2014 Veronika Jedryka, Swimming and Diving
Harris Stolzenberg, Lacrosse 
2013 Sarah Quinn, Cross Country and Track and Field
Kale Rogers, Water Polo and Swimming and Diving 
2012 Emmie Ryan, Swimming and Diving
Justin Wallace, Football
2011 Lauren Quisenberry, Tennis
Colby Dunn, Swimming and Diving
2010  Anna Kokensparger, Swimming and Diving
Matt Hohenberger, Volleyball 
2009 Portia Jones, Track and Field
Tim Stumbaugh, Swimming and Diving
2008 Amy Jacobi, Swimming and Diving
Michael Dobson, Swimming and Diving
2007 Alex May, Volleyball
Rastislav Racz, Swimming and Diving
2006 Julia Zimmerman, Gymnastics
Rick Mancuso, Football
2005 Doria Holbrook, Swimming and Diving
Praveen Pamidimukkala, Volleyball
2004 Kate Thornton, Swimming and Diving
Craig Edwards, Swimming and Diving
2003 Austin Zimmerman, Volleyball
Evan Tindell, Tennis
2002 Merritt S. Tam, Gymnastics
Nicholas O. Sidelnik, Swimming and Diving
2001 Nydia M. Clayton, Volleyball and Track and Field
Douglas L. Allaire, Soccer and Baseball
2000 Kirstin M. Alberi, Swimming and Diving
Craig D. Mielcarz, Track and Field
1999 Jessica Hall, Tennis
Thomas J. Hynes, Football and Men's Lacrosse
1998 Christopher S. McGuire, Cross Country and Track
Sonja J. Ellefson, Gymnastics
1997 Mealani Nakamura, Tennis
John A. Schaeffer, Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse
1996 Eve Phillips, Cross Country
Jason C. Miller, Gymnastics
1995 Janis H. Eisenberg, Cross Country and Track and Field
Michael T. Butville, Lacrosse
1988 Alyssa B. Parker, Soccer and Ice Hockey
Joshua N. Ertischek, Wrestling and Football
1987 Yvonne M. Grierson, Swimming and Diving
Robert C. Kupbens, Football
1986 Catherine M. Rocchio, Gymnastics
David Chang, Soccer
1985 Linda M. Sprys, Swimming and Diving
Benjarmin C. Spehlmann, Tennis
1984 Martha A. Beverage, Basketball and Field Hockey
Clark E. Dorman, Swimming and Diving
Gordon C. Holterman, Cross Country and Track
1983 Lori A. Blackwelder, Swimming and Diving
Craig N. Poole, Baseball and Basketball
1982 Clifford J. Eskey, Rifle
Andrew A. Renshaw, Lacrosse and Swimming
1981 Robert W. Schoenlein, Swimming and Water Polo
Kenneth R. Shull, Wrestling
1980 Paul S. Neves, Cross Country and Track and Field
John S. Schmitz, Water Polo and Swimming
1979 Karen M. Klincewicz, Swimming and Diving
1978 Leslie A. Harris, Gymnastics
1977 John M. Dieken, Swimming and Diving
1976 Barry L. Bayus, Cross Country and Track
Elaine D. Sears, Gymnastics
1975 Mark J.T. Smith, Fencing
1974 Johan G. Akerman, Fencing
1973 Shinichiro Yoshida
1972 David A. Deacon
1971 Kenneth A. Epstein
1970 Stephen L. Cochi
David R. Wilson, Track and Field
1969 Albert K. Lau, Track and Field
Peter A. Sanders, Water Polo and Swimming
1968 Z. Gerry Maskiewicz, Soccer
Bruce J. Davies
1967 Ben T. Wilson, Track and Field and Basketball
Frederic W. Andree, Track and Field and Wrestling
1966 Luis A. Clare
Stanley M. Kozubek, Track and Field
1965 John C. McFarren
Norman E. Hawkins
1964 Alexander D. Wilson, Basketball
David Schramm, Wrestling

  Other Awards 
 Johnson  Schumacker  Kispert

Cochrane  Pewter Bowl  Trussell  Pettegrove