B Division Captures First Place at Women's Showcase

B Division Captures First Place at Women's Showcase


- Results:

Women's Showcase at St. Mary's Maryland - 2nd of 17
Danmark Trophy at Coast Guard - 6th of 20
Moody Trophy - 11th of 18
Smith Trophy - 15th of 20

- The Lead: The MIT women's sailing team dominated the field to win B Division at the Women's Showcase and helped the Engineers finish second overall in a very competitive field. The coed team sailed in three regattas over the weekend as they took sixth at the Danmark Trophy, 11th at the Moody Trophy and 15th at the Smith Trophy.

Women's Showcase - 2nd of 17 (82 points)
A Division - Sixth Place (53 points)
Skipper: Annie Hughes (Guilford, Conn.)
Crew: Tiffany Xi (Foster City, Calif.)
*Placed third in four of nine races*
B Division - First Place (29 Points)
Skipper: Emily Haig (Beach Haven, N.J.)
Crew: Sarah Caso (Duxbury, Mass.)
*Placed third or better in six of nine races*
Danmark Trophy - 6th of 20 (87 points)
A Division - Seventh Place (40 points)
Skipper: Trevor Long (Hockessin, Del.)
Crew: Julia Cho (Cupertino, Calif.)
*Placed fourth in race number four*
B Division - Ninth Place (47 points)
Skipper: Ivan Shestopalov (Miami, Fla.)
Crew: Sameena Shaffeeullah (Danbury, Conn.)
*Won race number two*
Moody Trophy - 11th of 18 (187 points)
A Division - 12th Place (100 points)
Skipper: James Peraire-Bueno (Bedford, Mass.)
Crew: Lynn Liu (Orange, Calif.), rotations 1-4
Crew: Kaila Pfrang (Suffolk, Va.), rotations 6-9
*Best finish came in race four - seventh*
B Division - Tenth Place (87 points)
Skipper: John Ped (Portland, Ore.), rotations 1-6
Skipper: Stephen Duncan (Severna Park, Md.), rotations 7-9
Crew: Fiona McKellar (Palos Verdes, Calif.) 
*Runner up in race number eight*
Smith Trophy - 15th of 20 (303 points)
A Division - 16th place (158 points)
Skipper: Jeremy McCulloch (San Diego, Calif.)
Crew: Michelle He (Forest Hills, N.Y.), rotations 1-3
Crew: Mai Nguyen (Hanoi, Vietnam), rotations, 4-12
*Best finish came in races nine and ten - sixth*
B Division - 15th place (145 points)
Skipper: Liz Obermaier (Northville, Mich.)
Crew: Maile Jim (Honolulu, Hawaii)
*Fourth in race number nine and eleven*



- Next weekend, MIT will host the Coed Showcase and also travel to Connecticut College for the Stu Nelson Trophy. 


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