Lightweight Crew Downed by Yale for Joy Cup

Lightweight Crew Downed by Yale for Joy Cup

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – MIT's lightweight crew team took on Yale on Saturday in the battle for the Joy Cup on the Engineers home venue of the Charles River. In the end it was the Bulldogs that came out on top in a race that also featured a crew from Georgetown University.

In the varsity 8 race that was for the Joy Cup, it became a race between the crews from Yale and Georgetown, with the Bulldogs edging the Hoyas at the line by less than two seconds. MIT finished third, over 30 seconds back.

MIT fared better with its freshman 8 crew. Yale took that race also, but it was a battle for second and third between the Engineers and Hoyas, with MIT coming home strong to edge their rivals from Washington by four-tenths of a second in the closest finish of the day in the competition.

MIT also fielded a varsity 4 team, with that group also claiming second of the three schools. Yale took that race as well, finishing less than seven seconds ahead of the Engineers. Georgetown was a distant third, finishing nearly 30 seconds behind MIT.


Varsity Eights
1. Yale, 6:10.2
2. Georgetown, 6:12.1
3. M.I.T., 6:43.0

Freshman Eights
1. Yale, 6:24.3
2. M.I.T., 6:37.8
3. Georgetown, 6:38.2

Varsity Fours
1. Yale, 7:18.1
2. M.I.T., 7:25.8
3. Georgetown, 7:54.8

Boat Lineups

Varsity 8

Coxswain      Henry Skupniewicz
8 Stephen Freiberg
7 Dan Weber
6 Cameron McAlpine
5 Zach Segal
4 Devin Cela
3 Andrew Schlaepfer
2 Michael Wu
1 Ben Potash

Freshman 8

Coxswain      Yooni Kim
8 Chris Schlaepfer
7 Peter Augusciak
6 Tom Altman
5 Perry Kleinhenz
4 Brian Alvarez
3 Pasha Muravyev
2 DC Danko
1 Luke Koblan

Freshman 4

Coxswain      Michael Hwang
4 Nathan Miller
3 John Kongoletos
2 Owen Rees
1 Mycal Tucker