Lightweight Crew Picks Up a Pair of Wins in Philadelphia

Lightweight Crew Picks Up a Pair of Wins in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – On a chilly day on the waters of the Schuylkill River, the MIT lightweight crew team found success on Saturday, picking up wins against crews from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware.


Against Penn, it was the MIT varsity four crew that tasted victory.  The Engineer boat easily defeated two Quaker crews, crossing the finish line almost 20 seconds of the first Penn boat to finish. Racing against a pair of Penn crews in the varsity eight race, MIT was just edged out by a few seats by the second Penn boat and finished third.


In the frosh/novice eight race MIT had two entries to one for Penn. It was a close one between the Quakers and the first MIT boat, with Penn crew winning by less than two seconds.


Against Delaware it was the frosh/novice eight boat that had another strong race, defeating the Blue Hens crew by nearly seven seconds. In the varsity eight race it was Delaware that came out on top, crossing the line ahead of the Engineers by over 14 seconds. Both teams had a pair of crews in the varsity four contest. It was another close finish at the line where the Delaware 2V4 crew held on for a win over the MIT 2V4 crew by 1.5 seconds.


MIT will now prepare for the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges (EARC) Sprints Championship that will be held on May 13. The racing will take place on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass.

Results vs. Penn
Varstiy Eights

1. Penn 1V, 6:21.5
2. Penn 2V, 6:31.6
3. MIT 1V, 6:33.7

Varsity Four
1. MIT 2V, 7:21.0
2. Penn 2F, 7:40.1
3. Penn 3V, 7:48.9

Frosh/Novice Eight
1. Penn, 6:21.9
2. MIT 1F, 6:23.5
3. MIT 2F, 7:01.8

Results vs. Delaware
Varsity Eight

1. Delaware, 6:09.2
2. MIT, 6:23.5

Varsity Four
1. Delaware 2V4, 6:53.4
2. MIT 2V4, 6:54.9
3. MIT 2F4, 7:12.8
4. Delaware 2F4, 7:20.2

Frosh/Novice Eight
1. MIT, 6:10.9
2. Delaware, 6:17.6

MIT Crews

c: Michael Hwang
8: Stephen Freiberg
7: Zach Segal
6: Cameron McAlpine
5: Dan Weber
4: Devin Cela
3: Andrew Schlaepfer
2: Michael Wu
1: Ben Potash

c: Yooni Kim
8: Chris Schlaepfer
7: Peter Augusciak
6: Tom Altmann
5: Perry Kleinhenz
4: Brian Alvarez
3: Pasha Muravyev
2: DC Danko
1: Luke Koblan

c: Sean Batir
8: Al Lira
7: Ben Chrobot
6: Keanu Delgado
5: Jose Burgos
4: Robert Learsch
3: Rohun Kulkarni
2: Parker Chambers
1: Jack Sul

c: Henry Skupniewicz
4: Nathan Miller
3: John Kongoletos
2: Mycal Tucker
1: Peter Florin

c: Sean Batir
4: Ben Chrobot
3: Al Lira
2: Jose Burgos
1: Keanu Delgado