V4 Wins Petite Final, V8 Qualifies For Grand Final at Knecht Cup

V4 Wins Petite Final, V8 Qualifies For Grand Final at Knecht Cup


- Location: West Windsor Township, N.J. (Mercer Lake)

- The Lead: At the Knecht Cup in New Jersey, the MIT women's lightweight crew team was led by a victory in the Petite Final by the Varsity 4 boat and a berth in the Grand Final by the Varsity 8 crew.


- The varsity 8 boat placed third in its heat in a time of 6:51.89 to advance to the Grand Final as the second varsity 8 crew was sixth in the same heat with at 7:15.91 to move to the Petite Final. The third varsity 8 boat also moved to the Petite Final as that group crossed in sixth place in its heat with a time of 8:10.25.

- The novice 4 boat finished fourth in its heat in 8:52.25, while in the second heat the second varsity 4 boat and the varsity 4 crew both advanced to the Petite Final. The second varsity 4 was third in that heat in 7:53.77, followed by the varsity 4 in a time of 7:55.83.

- In the Petite Final, the varsity 4 boat took the victory with a time of 7:48.45 to improve by over seven seconds from the heat. The second varsity 4 was right behind them in 7:55.56 so finish second overall.

- For the Grand Final, the varsity 8 boat finished in sixth out of seven crews in a time of 6:56.54 while the second and third varsity 8 boats finished fourth and fifth in the Petite Final, respectively. The 2V8 finished in a time of 7:28.57, while the 3V8 crossed in 8:13.10.

- The MIT lightweight varsity 8 boat continues to be ranked seventh nationally in this week's USRowing Coaches Poll.


Varsity 8
Cox: Chloe Thacker
8: Kelly Barton   
7: Sylvia Sarnik
6: Elizabeth Martin   
5: Annika Rollock
4: Kate Scott
3: Sophie Herscovici
2: Brigid Bane
1: Frances Parker-Hale 

Second Varsity 8
Cox: Jennifer Nwenyi
8: Lucy Milde
7: Sheila Kennedy-Moore
6: Sophie Blackburn
5: Eileen Hu
4: Sophie Anderson
3: Haley Higginbotham
2: Megan Diehl
1: Sarah Grunsfeld

Third Varsity 8
Cox: Sarah Quraishi
8: Jordan Docter
7: Noa Schwartz
6: Kat Adams
5: Crystal Chen
4: Sarah Edwards 
3: Chloe Ayers
2: Cathy Choi
1: Ning Guan

Varsity 4
Cox: Jennifer Nwenyi
4: Sheila Kennedy-Moore
3: Lucy Milde
2: Eileen Hu
1: Sophie Blackburn

Second Varsity 4
Cox: Sarah Quraishi
4: Sarah Grunsfeld
3: Sophie Anderson
2: Haley Higginbotham
1: Megan Diehl

Novice 4
Cox: Andrea Lo
4: Jordan Docter
3: Noa Schwartz
2: Sarah Edwards
1: Katie Sottilare


- MIT returns to action next weekend on Saturday, April 21st as the team is back in action on the Charles River for the Muri Cup and the Beanpot.


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